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What is a bidet? 

A bidet (pronounced "be-day") is a device that cleans one's rectal or genital area by directing a gentle stream of water.

Where did it originate? 

The French originated the toilet fixture known as the Bidet, which incidentally means "Straddle the Pony" in French, designed well over 150 years ago as a compliment to the water commode, i.e. "Crapper". It's sole purpose was to enable women to "douche" and cleanse vaginally. 

What are handheld bidets? 

These are our basic models. Handheld bidets are small and light enough to be operated while you hold it in your hands. Attach to your existing toilet and provides the same benefits as the larger bidets, but without the special features. 

What are bidet seats? 

Bidet seats are toilet seat attachments that replace conventional toilet seats, and include basically one or two bidet nozzles for cleaning both men and women. These innovative additions to your conventional toilet combines the sanitary functions of a bidet, with the comfort of a heated water supply, heated seat and other special features. 

Are they really worth my money? 

Sanicare bidets offer exceptional value at a competitive price. The water pressure and the temperature (of the seat and the water) of each bidet nozzle are adjustable. Built-in thermostats and a memory system control the temperature and pressure precisely to prevent excessive heating or harm to you or the bidet. With lighted displays and soft-touch buttons placed just where the right hand falls, the control panel is elegantly simple to use – even at night. 

The bidet seats have two devices to prevent back-flow, so pressure leaks and water runoff problems are prevented. In addition, the durable plastic is germ-resistant, and the lid and seat are hydraulic for soft, quiet, closing and to prevent harm to you, the bidet, or the toilet basin.

Who uses a bidet? 

Millions of people throughout the world use a bidet on a daily basis! Bidets are used by men, women, and children of all ages. Bidets are for anyone who wants to improve their personal hygiene. 

Who benefits from using a bidet? 

Everyone can benefit from using a bidet. Bidets are especially helpful to: people who are recovering from surgery; people who have physical disabilities; people with dexterity or other problems that limit their range of motion; people who have various medical conditions, such as hemorrhoids, diarrhea, dysentery, difficult bowel movements, or other ailments that involve the rectal or genital areas; people who have developmental disabilities, such as Down's Syndrome, mental retardation, autism, or cerebral palsy; men and women who want better hygiene before or after sexual activities; and women who want more effective feminine hygiene during monthly menstrual periods. 

How does the Sanicare Bidet attach to my existing toilet? 
How is it installed? 

Installing the Sanicare Bidet on your toilet is easy and requires very little mechanical skill on your part. Easy-to-follow, detailed instructions are provided when you receive your bidet. Here is an installation diagram. 

What tools will I be needing? Will I be also needing a plumber to install them? 

Only basic tools are needed: channel-lock pliers and regular pliers. A plumber can be helpful, but is not necessary. 

How much time does it take to install The Sanicare Bidet? 

Installing the Sanicare Bidet can take as little as 5-10 minutes for the handheld models and 20-35 minutes for the toilet seats. It might take a little longer depending your particular situation. 

How durable is the Sanicare Bidet? 

The Sanicare Bidet is made of quality materials and is engineered to provide many years of use. The only moving part is the manual trigger valve that controls the flow of water. 

What could be more simple? 
How do I clean the Sanicare Bidets? Are they difficult to clean or maintain?

Using any bathroom disinfecting cleaner, simply spray and wipe your bidet on a regular basis. 

Sanicare bidet nozzles are fully retractable and self-cleaning, the seat and lid are germ-resistant polymers, easy to clean with a damp cloth. Abrasives, benzenes, and acid or alkaline detergents are never necessary, and will scratch or discolor your bidet. Generally, there is no high maintenance required on Sanicare bidet products. 

Is an electrical outlet needed? 

It depends on your bathroom setup and bidet model. Some bidets don’t require electricity to operate (all handheld models, portable models and some bidet seats). For models which need power supply, an outlet is necessary within four feet of the unit (ideal range for all power chord lengths). Your electrician can install an outlet, if one does not exist within four feet of the bidet. 

Isn’t it dangerous to have water and electricity together? 

Power supplied bidets take every precaution to prevent risks. Most models are made from molded plastic which does not conduct electricity, and a built-in ground protects users from the risks of electrical shock. The circuit board of the bidet is protected, and the casing is waterproof to prevent accidental water exposure (for example, during cleaning). 

Is there a warranty for your bidets? 

Of course, Sanicare bidets are covered by their respective product warranties. We also warranty the bidets against defects and malfunctions of design or normal operation. 

How does the cost of the Sanicare Bidets compare to that of other bidets on the market? 

A simple search on the Internet will show you how inexpensive our bidet is compared to most bidets on the market, which can cost up to several hundred dollars! 

Will I need to buy anything else in the future? 

All bidet models come complete, like water supply adapters and lines, and bolts for connecting it to a toilet. There is nothing more to buy, ever.


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