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Price: EUR 4,690.00

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Delivery time: 3 days
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TOTO WASHLET™ RX - Toilet bidet Complete Set


  • Toilet all in one, Electric toilet bidet seat


  • Adjustable nozzle position
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Adjustable water stream width
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Air + water stream
  • Air deodorization
  • Automatic nozzle cleansing
  • Automatic nozzle move -Forward/Backwards
  • Front cleaning
  • Heated seat
  • Massage
  • Multi-person presets
  • PreMist
  • Rear Cleaning
  • Seat sensor
  • Self-Diagnosis
  • Siphon Water jet
  • Soft-Closing lid
  • UF - Urea resin seat cover
  • With hidden connections


  • Instant water heating system
  • Permanent water filter
  • Plastic composites nozzle
  • Portable remote control
  • Quick Release - Easy installation
  • Single nozzle

Short description

WASHLET™ RX captivates with its clear, streamlined and minimalistic design. WASHLET™ blends in with the ceramic, making them appear as a single unit. Like all WASHLET™ models, RX also offers the utmost in quality and hygiene. All of the hygienic and convenience features are in corporatedin the RX in the same familiar way.

Package content
TOTO Washlet RX TCF794CG
TOTO WC RP, wall-hung only for WASHLET™ RX (CW542EY)

Package content

  • installation material
  • Instructions
  • Manual

Main characteristics:

Electric toilet seat
Toilet Seat is electric and plugs into a regular outlet.
Instant water heater
Instant water heating system, saves on energy, time and drastically reduces limescale build-up.
Permanent deodorization filter
Built-in permanent air filtration. Removes unpleasant odors in your bathroom.
Permanent water filter
Built-in permanent Ag Nano water filter, which cleans the water and makes it anti-bacterial.
Portable remote control
Wireless Remote control, which mount is fixed on the wall for your convenience. Attach and detach with ease.
Single nozzle
Single multi-function nozzle

Availability: In stock

Price: EUR 4,690.00

Discount: -EUR 2,179.97

Your Price: EUR 2,510.03

Incl. 19% VAT
Delivery time: 3 Days

Manual, Brochure

TOTO Washlet Comparison Chart

View FileTOTO Washlet / Neorest Overview of functions    Size: (146.27 KB)

TOTO CefiOnTect Coating care instructions

View FileCleaning instructions of TOTO Ceramics    Size: (223.33 KB)

TCF794CG Factsheet

View FileFactsheet    Size: (555.46 KB)

TOTO Instruction Manual TCF794CG

View FileInstruction Manual    Size: (1.52 MB)

TOTO Installationmanual TCF794CG

View FileInstallationmanual    Size: (3.88 MB)


View FileTOTO Washlet Flyer    Size: (5.14 MB)


View FileTOTO Washlet Brochure - Catalogue    Size: (6.77 MB)

Cleaning and Care

View FileTOTO CeFiONtect Coating Cleaning instructions    Size: (223.33 KB)

Technical Data comparison

View FileTOTO Washlet technical data Overview    Size: (95.04 KB)

Leaflet - Flyer 

View FileTOTO Washlet RX eWater+    Size: (898.41 KB)

Accessories :

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Price: EUR 324.24

Discount: -EUR 134.24

Your Price: EUR 190.00

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