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Shipping to United States

The TOTO Prime Edition WASHLET ™ RW auto flush impresses with its slim silhouette as well as the familiar hygiene and comfort features available in WASHLET™ RW. The new seamless seat ring on the Prime Edition RW and RW auto flush allows for even easier cleaning. It's also possible to easily remove WASHLET ™ from the toilet bowl for thorough cleaning. Another innovation in this model is the use of a silicone-based material for WASHLET ™ itself, which makes it more difficult for dirt to accumulate (so-called “Clean Case”).

Of course, WASHLET ™ RW comes equipped with all of the characteristic hygiene and comfort features: warm water spray, heated seat, odour-absorbing deodoriser and dryer. In addition, the EWATER+ feature cleans WASHLET ™ wand jet and the toilet bowl with electrolyzed water after use.

When combined with the TOTO frame system (WH182EAT), the RW auto flush also includes an automatic flush feature. The frame system is available for these specially produced WASHLET™ models: RW auto flush, RX EWATER+ auto flush and SX EWATER+ auto flush. The frame system is combined with the familiar connecting set for WASHLET™ with hidden connections (SP10695UN) and the new brushed stainless steel push plate (MB175M#SS).




  • Warm water nozzle
    An individually adjustable wand system with self-cleaning function
  • Heated seat
    Individually adjustable temperature
  • Deodoriser
    Filter system to absorb odours
  • Dryer
    Warm jet of air
  • ewater+
    Electrolysed antibacterial water that breaks down waste
  • Auto functions
    Technologies activated by human movement
  • PreMist
    Mist of water sprayed onto the ceramic before the toilet is used. Makes it more difficult for dirt and waste to accumulat.

toto washlet auto flush prime edition

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© Developed by CommerceLab

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