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Shipping to United States
TOTO AC WASHLET all in one luxury premium japanese toilet
TOTO AC WASHLET  NEOREST toto washlet neorest ac 2.0 europe toto washlet neorest ac 2.0 europe NEOREST Series NEOREST AC, WASHLET  incl. remote control UV light NEOREST Series NEOREST AC, WASHLET  incl. remote control uv sterelization TOTO AC WASHLET wash nozzle TOTO AC WASHLET all in one luxury premium japanese toilet TOTO AC WASHLET premium japan toilet remote control TOTO AC WASHLET luxury toilet bidet seat combination TOTO AC WASHLET premium luxury japanese toilet bidet seat TOTO AC WASHLET luxury toto washlet NEOREST  AC toilet bidet japan toto washlet neorest ac premist ewater+ toto neorest ac japan japanese toilet bidet night light premist uv light toto washlet neorest ac toto washlet neorest ac ultra high quality uv japanese quality  zirconium coating toto washlet neorest ac toto neorest ac uv sterelization toto nesto ac specifications washlet dimensions
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Price: EUR 12,995.00

Discount: -EUR 1,143.00

Your Price: EUR 11,852.00

Incl. 19% VAT
Delivery time: 10 Days

Delivery time: 10 Days
Quantity buying:
2 EUR 10,377.00 13%
3 EUR 10,089.00 15%
4 EUR 9,790.00 18%
5 EUR 9,250.00 22%
Incl. 19% VAT
Delivery time: 10 Days



  • Toilet all in one, Electric toilet bidet seat


  • Actilight self-cleaning feature
  • Adjustable nozzle position
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Adjustable water stream width
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Air + water stream
  • Air deodorization
  • Auto lid open/close
  • Automatic nozzle cleansing
  • Automatic nozzle move -Forward/Backwards
  • EWater+
  • Front cleaning
  • Heated seat
  • Massage
  • Multi-person presets
  • Night light
  • PreMist
  • Rear Cleaning
  • Seat sensor
  • Self-Diagnosis
  • Siphon Water jet
  • Soft-Closing lid
  • UF - Urea resin seat cover
  • Warm Air dryer
  • With hidden connections


  • Ceramic toilet
  • Instant water heating system
  • Permanent water filter
  • Plastic composites nozzle
  • Portable remote control
  • Single nozzle

Short description

The new NEOREST AC WASHLET is the first WASHLET that cleans itself completely. In addition to the proven WASHLET technologies, the new NEOREST WASHLET actively cleans the inside of the toilet bowl. There are two versions of the WASHLET available – the NEOREST AC (with Actilight technology) and NEOREST EW (with ewater+ technology). They look the same, but work in different ways. The innovative Actilight technology destroys waste and bacteria. The ceramic toilet bowl features a special zirconium coating. The UV light integrated in the seat lid triggers a photocatalytic process when it hits the coating, breaking down all organic substances. This WASHLET also features the ewater+ function. The WASHLET also has a sensor-activated lid which opens and closes by itself, an automatic flush and an adjustable dryer. The heated seat and deodoriser ensure that your visit to the bathroom is more pleasant. The wand jet system for personal cleansing is, of course, individually adjustable and provides unlimited warm water thanks to the continuous- flow water heater integrated in the WASHLET. Of course, the NEOREST AC toilet seat isn’t kept heated at all times. Instead, a memory function records the user’s preferences for 10 days. The toilet then switches to energy-saving mode as require

Offer includes:
NEOREST AC, WC 2.0 wallhung (CW996PVD#NW1)
Motor unit for automatic flushing (E00004)
TOTO Push plate (E00003)
TECE - Profil Dry-wall cistern/frame (9.300.044)

Package content

  • installation material
  • Instructions
  • Manual

Main characteristics:

Electric toilet seat
Toilet Seat is electric and plugs into a regular outlet.
Instant water heater
Instant water heating system, saves on energy, time and drastically reduces limescale build-up.
Permanent deodorization filter
Built-in permanent air filtration. Removes unpleasant odors in your bathroom.
Permanent water filter
Built-in permanent Ag Nano water filter, which cleans the water and makes it anti-bacterial.
Portable remote control
Wireless Remote control, which mount is fixed on the wall for your convenience. Attach and detach with ease.
Single nozzle
Single multi-function nozzle
Warm Air dryer
Built-in Warm Air Dryer fen, completely drys you after washing. Temperature can be regulated






Maximum Power Consumption

1527 W

Power input

220–240 V AC, 50 Hz

Warm water cleansing device (storage heater)

Rear cleansing

0.27 to 0.43 L/min

Front cleansing

0.29 to 0.43 L/min

Water pressure


Water temperature

About 30–40ºC

Power consumption (heater)

1200 – 1428 W

Air dryer device

Air temperature

35 – 55 ºC

Operate time


Power consumption (dryer)

200 – 238 W

Heated seat

Seat temperature


Power consumption (heater)



Permanent water filter

Toilet bowl sterilization

Yes (EWater+, Premist, UV-Sterilization)

Nozzle sterilization




Other functions

Automatic Flush, Automatic open/close

Safety devices

Temperature fuse, Vacuum breaker, Check  valve,  Air gap

Control type

Portable remote control

Feed water pressure

0.1 – 1 MPa

Feed water temperature


Dimensions (W X D X H)


423 x 675 x 529 mm



Net Weight


44Kg (Top 11Kg, Bowl 33Kg)






Availability: In stock

Price: EUR 12,995.00

Discount: -EUR 1,143.00

Your Price: EUR 11,852.00

Incl. 19% VAT
Delivery time: 10 Days

Manual, brochure download file download file download file

Manual, Brochure

TOTO Washlet Comparison Chart

View FileTOTO Washlet / Neorest Overview of functions    Size: (146.27 KB)

Operating Instructions

View FileTOTO NEOREST AC User Manual    Size: (2.56 MB)

Simple instructions

View FileTOTO NEOREST AC Remote control Simple instructions    Size: (79.46 KB)

Washlet Installation instructions

View FileTOTO NEOREST AC/EW Washlet Installation instructions    Size: (1.28 MB)

 Ceramic Installation instructions

View FileTOTO NEOREST AC/EW Ceramic Installation instructions    Size: (1.55 MB)

TOTO CefiOnTect Coating care instructions

View FileCleaning instructions of TOTO Ceramics    Size: (223.33 KB)


View FileTOTO Washlet Flyer    Size: (5.14 MB)


View FileTOTO Washlet Brochure - Catalogue    Size: (6.77 MB)

Technical Data comparison

View FileTOTO Washlet technical data Overview    Size: (95.04 KB)

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