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Shipping to United States


Have the wellness feeling in your bathroom. It cleans you with warm water with bubbles so the feeling is more comfortable.
For real comfort you can also get a heated and ergonomically designed seat.

Slogan: you no longer have to take a shower to be properly clean.                  Photo : BBS


  • Bidet toilet seats are using heated water for washing,
  • You can adjust the temperature of heated seat, water and drying,
  • Automatic nozzle moves back and forth for thoroughly and pleasant cleaning,
  • 3-stage width adjustment – from narrow for intensive treatment to wider for softer massage.    


User experience:

David Richmond, journalist

I never liked stretching my arms to that area and wipe myself. Now I really enjoy. The stream is not like the one from the garden hose. This one is soothing, the dryer dries you. Hands stay clean.


Jason Zimmerman, salesman

When I get up early I never like to sit on a cold toilet seat, because I get chills down my spine. Now it is delightful to sit on a heated bidet toilet seat that even cleans me, because before I was never able to do that properly on my own.


Grant Foyer, businessman

Because the toilet paper doesn’t clean properly I used to take a shower or wash myself in the bidet. I never liked the moving around in the bathroom. With the bidet toilet seat my problems are gone. I just replaced my old toilet seat with this one.

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