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Shipping to United States


We can save at least one forest. A family uses for a whole forest of toilet paper in their life. The costs of making toilet paper are also high, not to mention various chemicals that are also used in the process of making. The solution? Ban the toilet paper. Is the idea strange? Not at all. Many cultures around the world don’t use toilet paper. We are on track with bidet toilet seats. It’s a good decision for our body and our environment.

Help prevent deforessation by using less toilet paper

Slogan: don’t just think about ecology problems, do something!                        Photo: BBS

  • A man uses an average of 12 kg toilet paper per year.
  • By the age of 83 a man uses 1000kg of toilet paper.
  • For 1000kg of toilet paper we need 17 trees, 122 liters of fuel, 4000 kilowatts of energy, etc.



User experience:

Marry Walden, lawyer


I support the preservation of nature. The toilet paper manufacturers should be punished because they are taking our oxygen right in front of our eyes and sell us toilet paper we actually don’t need. At first I was a little skeptical about the bidet toilet seats if they really help to preserve nature. After a time we no longer had toilet paper in our house, the consumption of electricity and water is negligible. The bidet toilet seat has proved itself.

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