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Shipping to United States


Because the bidet toilet seat is installed on your old toilet, you save at least 1m2 of space in your bathroom. We know how much a m2 can cost, so you can see the bidet toilet seat is the right decision.

Smaller rooms, more and more things.                                                                  Photo: BBS


  • Works only when you sit on it because of the built-in sensor.
  • Superior ceramic heater heats the water to 37,5°C in 1,3 sec, prevents scale and saves energy.
  • Within two minutes of washing uses only 2dcl of water.
  • Save on space as well as the cost of ceramic bidet.


User experience:

Ben Perlmutter, sales manager


Our bathroom suddenly became spacious (we removed our ceramic bidet). I clean less, the hygiene is significantly better. I don’t even have to move, my toilet seat does everything instead of me.

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