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Shipping to United States


Bidet toilet seats prevent and treat many types of anal disease. It is recommended by doctors and global health institutions.

Slogan: be healthy and happy.                                                                                   Photo: BBS


Diseases bidet toilet seat heals or prevents:

  • Hemorrhoids / Piles
  • Bacteria and parasites that cause bladder disease
  • Fungal diseases
  • Pain when excreting
  • Anal fistula, which causes fatigue
  • Rectal prolapse
  • Itching.



User experience:

Arthur Denham

To everyone who comes to visit I show my Bidet toilet seat. I don’t have hemorrhoids anymore. I don’t need to wipe myself with toilet paper anymore. This was the greatest salvation for me. I wish my friends all the best. At first they are a bit withheld, but most of them have problems and ask many questions.


Dennis Hoyer

I put away my anti inflammatory cream. Finally. I have always had problems. As a woman I often go to the bathroom so I wish everybody would have the bidet toilet seat. My friend was in Japan, she said they have those toilettes in every restaurant, hotel and home. See, that’s something for me!

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